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Call Waiting

Please a caller on hold and receive a second incoming call.

Low International Rates

We have very competitive International rates.


Send the caller to voicemail if you can't answer the phone.

Call Forwarding

Forward all calls to another number or selectively forward certain callers to another number, voicemail, or a message indicating that you're not accepting calls from them.

7 Digit Dialing

Dial phone numbers within your area code using only 7 digits..

10 Digit Dialing

Dial a US or Canada phone number by using 10 digits, for example 2225551212.

11 Digit Dialing

Dial a US or Canada phone number by using 11 digits, for example 12225551212.

Community Services

Connect to local community services in your area by dialing 211. Not available in all areas.

Directory Assistance

Directory Assistance is available by dialing 411. Additional fees may apply.

Telexent Customer Service

Contact Telexent Customer service by simply dialing 611.

Dig Alert

Call before you dig! Contact the local underground utility location service by dialing 811.


Send calls from numbers on the blacklist automatically to voicemail.

Call Forward All

Forward all incoming calls to a specific phone number.

Call Logs

A log of incoming and outgoing calls.

Caller ID Block

Block your caller ID on outbound phone calls, either selectively per call or for all calls.

Caller ID w/ Name on Call Waiting

Receive the Caller ID and Name, if not blocked, on an incoming call while on call waiting.

Directory Assistance Block

Block calls to 411 to avoid unwanted charges.

Disable Outbound Dialing

Prevent all outgoing calls, except to 911.

Fax to Email

Send all calls to an electronic FAX and receive an email with an attachment of the fax. Additional fees may apply.

Free On Net Calling

Make phone calls to people on our network for free with any of our telephone service plans.

Incoming Caller ID Routing

Route Incoming calls based on caller ID to specific destinations, such as voicemail or another phone.

Incoming Caller ID w/ Name

Receive the Caller ID and Name for incoming calls, when available.

International Call Blocking

Block calls to International destinations to avoid unwanted charges.

International Virtual Numbers

Add a phone number from another country to your phone service and people in that country can ring your phone as if they were making a phone call within that country. Additional fees may apply.

Take Your Service with You

Moving? Take your phone service with you. Your service can take your phone service with you as long as their is a reliable Internet connection at the new location.

Toll Free Remote Voicemail Access

Check your Telexent voicemail remotely by dialing a toll free number.

Softphone Access

Receive and make calls from any compatible softphone. Additional fees may apply.

Visual Voicemail Indicator

On phone equipped with a visual voicemail indicator, Telexent Voicemail will send your phone a signal when you have received a new voicemail.

Anonymous Call Blocking.

Send calls from anonymous or blocked caller id to a message indicating you don't accept calls unless they unblock their number.

Do Not Disturb

Send calls to Voicemail at night or if you simply don't want to talk to anyone.

Call Forking

Simultaneously ring multiple other phones at once, when someone calls. The first number to answer takes the call.

Call Hunting

Sometimes known as roll over or coverage paths, try ringing other numbers one at a time when a call comes in.

Three Way Calling

Add another a third person to the current telephone conversation.

Missed Call Log

View the list of calls you missed.

Municipal Government

Connect to your local government office by dialing 311. Not available in all areas.

Traffic Information

Listen to local traffic information by dialing 511. Not available in all areas.

T-D-D Service

Contact the local TDD facility by simply dialing 711.

Emergency Services

911 Services is available on all US phones. Contact emergency services by dialing 911.

Bandwidth Saver

Reduce the bandwidth on phone calls by compressing the audio. There's hardly a noticable difference in the sound quality.

Bogus Number Block

Send calls from invalid phone numberes, such as all zeros, to voicemail.

Call Alarm

Have your phone ring at a certain time of day for a wake up call or simply if you need a reminder.

Call Notification

Receive an email or SMS alert when you receive a call from a specific phone number.

Call Return

Dial *69 to call back the last number that called you.

Choose your own Area Code

On new phone numbers, you can choose the area code you would like the phone number to be from.

Custom Incoming Caller ID Name

On incoming calls, you can customize the name that shows up with the phone number.

Direct Inward Dial

Unlimited incoming calls to your phone number.

Distinctive Ring

Setup certain phone numbers to ring differnetly, so you know it's not just anyone calling.

Do Not Disturb

Send all incoming calls to voicemail.

Network Unavailable Forward

If your power is out or your Internet is down, forward all incoming calls to another number such as a mobile phone.

Outbound Call Routing

route outgoing calls made to specific numbers to other destinations, such as another phone.

Second Phone Line

Hook up another phone to the second line on your adapter and ring both phone simultaneously. The phone that answer first gets the call.

Voicemail Notification via Email

Receive an Email notification when you receive a new voicemail.


Block all incoming calls except from numbers on the whitelist.


Bring your own device allows customers with compatible phone equipment to bring their own device and use it with Telexent phone service.

Voicemail Notification via SMS

Receive an SMS notification when you receive a new voicemail.